Fidelis is the leader in automated detection and response. The Fidelis Elevate platform dramatically improves the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations by delivering comprehensive visibility, intelligent deception, alert validation, and automated response across network and endpoints. Fidelis is trusted by the most important brands in the world. See what you’ve been missing. For more information go to Fidelis.



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FidelisDetect Insider Threat Data Exfiltration Assessment. Do you know what's leaving your network?

Case Study

A University Children's Hospital Strengthens Security with Fidelis Cybersecurity's Intelligent Deception Platform.

Fortune 1000 Pharmaceutical Company Tightens Security with Fidelis Deception.

Leading Technology Solutions Manufacturer Relies on Fidelis Deception to Detect Zero-Day and APT Attacks.

Financial Company Upgrades Data Security with Fidelis Deception.

First Midwest Bank Uses Fidelis Deception to Detect and Respond to Security Anomalies.

Reduction in Mean Time to Respond and proactive threat hunting equates to nearly $2M in annual savings.

Top 5 global bank reduced incident response time from 10 days to 5 hours.

Telecommunications and energy customer reduces incident response times by 80%.


Change the Playing Field to Lure, Detect, and Defend.