CloudBolt: Hybrid-Cloud Without Compromise

CloudBolt is an orchestration platform that enables enterprises to build, deploy, and manage hybrid clouds. Our platform empowers IT with the ability to leverage existing investments in private datacenter technology in conjunction with public cloud providers to control spending while maintaining the flexibility and agility that have become hallmarks of cloud computing.

Instead of exposing users to the nuances and intricacies of public clouds and private hypervisor environments, CloudBolt hides this complexity and enables governance without compromising the ability for end-users to consume and operate their own services across a unified, hybrid cloud.



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July 20, 2017
Is your public cloud bill running rampant? CloudBolt's power scheduler allows you to automatically power off VMs, greatly reducing your cloud spend.
Hey everyone, meet Joe! He can't get the servers and service he needs fast enough and management has no idea who's using what. Sound familiar? Checkout CloudBolt and our enterprise hybrid cloud ...
CloudBolt 7.0 has arrived. Checkout the latest some of the latest features.
CloudBolt, a leader in cloud management technology, today launched a channel partner program designed for system integrators, resellers and service providers to help design and deploy multi-cloud IT ...


The University Offi ce of Information Technology’s cloud team is responsible for fi elding and supporting cloud-enabled technologies to faculty, staff , and students. They attempt to support instruction whenever possible.

Understanding how CloudBolt’s objects are meant to be used together will help you use CloudBolt more effectively.

CloudBolt Command and Control (C2) is the next-generation Cloud Manager that automates the request, provisioning, management, and delivery of compute resources to users, enabling on-demand access for IT consumers. With C2, IT Administrators and Business Leaders; together, gain the transparency an...

Neustar relied on an internally developed provisioning platform to build resources in a new state of the art data center. With other more critical priorities, Neustar administrators were unable to allocate the time needed to extend and maintain the system.

The state IT organization struggled with centralizing a large number of virtualization resources that were spread across separately managed vCenter and XenServer clusters. VM sprawl was costing the state thousands of dollars a month in infrastructure and licensing charges, and delays in resource ...

The Service Catalog enables IT to design intuitive service blueprints and roll them out to end users for controlled and repeatable deployments. A blueprint can be as simple as a one-click single server build-out and as complex as a multi-tier load balanced application stack running on multiple serve...

CloudBolt provided IHG a single user interface and API through which they can now deploy complex apps to VMware and any of the four public clouds they use, manage these apps and their constituent servers over the course of their lifecycle, and automate their business policies and best practices surr...

IT departments have multiple options for hosting cloud native and virtualized applications from private cloud data centers to any number of public clouds. But how can a traditional IT department bridge gaps between multiple cloud deployments and simplify management? Use a combination of Tintri an...

In 2014, the IT team at Home Depot looked around and realized that they were spending an average of 1-2 weeks to provision VMs for their end users and had a growing shadow IT problem. After an exhaustive evaluation, they chose CloudBolt and told us that they were impressed by its simplicity, extensi...

CloudBolt is a cloud management platform that empowers end-users with self-service environments, and IT admins with visibility and control. By turning the enterprise into the cloud provider, you unleash a responsive, agile alternative to shadow IT that gives users what they want, when they want it.