BlackMesh is a managed service provider delivering robust dedicated and highly scalable cloud based solutions for business of all sizes including government agencies, development groups and large enterprise corporations.

Owning and operating the underlying infrastructure gives BlackMesh the ability to modify every aspect of the hosting environment from the data center floor up to the client specific application. Our offerings consist of several managed services to facilitate hosting federal applications in a secure environment.

  • Application expansion flexibility
  • High-performance and compliant technologies
  • Integration management
  • Managed Support for entire hosting environment

Leveraging BlackMesh technologies and solutions in association with FedRAMP compliance provides quality resource management and allows federal resources to focus on the work at hand. SecureCloud helps the government thrive within the fast-paced and evolving world of cloud computing.


  • FedRAMP Compliant SecureCloud PaaS

    SecureCloud is provided by BlackMesh as a FedRAMP Moderate Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. The offering consists of several managed services to facilitate hosting federal applications in a secure environment. The solution provided is a multi-tenant cloud-based environment, with the option for deployment of single-tenant environments if required by specific customers and system owners.

  • DevOps Solution: CASCADE

    Customer Administered System Configuration and Automated Deployment Engine (CASCADE) is a tool designed for developers to streamline customized workflows and allow continuous delivery. Simplifying deployments to a click of a button means increasing your overall productivity. CASCADE enables you to deploy websites and databases from one environment to another, restart services, and review previous deployments.

  • Red Hat’s OpenShift Certified Cloud Provider (CCP)

    BlackMesh has designed a cloud-based infrastructure optimized for the Red Hat Enterprise OpenShift Platform. With certified Red Hat system admins available, BlackMesh now has the ability to quickly and effectively deploy applications by offering OpenShift users a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) instance on a reliable hosting environment. Every BlackMesh solution has the ability to support, maintain, and update RHEL server instances as needed by our Red Hat Certified support technicians.


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This whitepaper provides insight on how BlackMesh’s SecureCloud PaaS has transformed the way federal agencies and CSPs manage their platforms while adhering to the strictest security standards for cloud computing. It discusses common issues that arise through the FedRAMP approval process and how i...