BlackBerry® offers comprehensive, cloud-enabled software that helps companies manage and secure the Enterprise of Things. The totality of the BlackBerry solution is called BlackBerry Secure, and is grounded in the new BlackBerry mobile software security platform. BlackBerry software is the key ingredient that allows you to confidentially and reliably transmit sensitive data between endpoints to keep people, information, and goods safe.

With software and services from BlackBerry, you are empowered to:

  • Move quickly to realize competitive advantages from the Enterprise of Things
  • Engage network partners in a secure, seamless and flexible manner
  • Enjoy flexible business continuity with the ability to future proof your business
  • Build your own apps, workflows and business processes


  • BlackBerry® UEM (formerly BES12)

    Provides the granular control and visibility that IT needs to secure all endpoints, along with the flexibility to support a wide array of productivity and other business use cases. BlackBerry UEM supports all major OS platforms and device ownership models with a single console. It also supports native MDM controls for managing device policies and MAM capabilities for deploying approved business apps.

  • BlackBerry® Dynamics (formerly Good Dynamics)

    Delivers a foundation for secure enterprise mobility by offering an advanced, mature development platform and container for mobile apps. BlackBerry Dynamics is designed to eliminate the risk of data leakage by delivering proven security at the app level. It is also flexible enough to support a vast and ever-changing set of apps, workflows, and business processes.

  • BlackBerry® Work (formerly Good Work)

    Delivers a secure, intuitive and integrated collaboration experience. It combines email, calendar, contacts, presence, document access, document editing and more, allowing you to effectively mobilize your workforce.

  • BlackBerry® Workspaces (formerly WatchDox)

    Enables users to share, edit and control their files on every device with the highest level of security due to embedded digital rights management (DRM) protection in the files.

  • BlackBerry® 2FA (formerly Strong Authentication)

    Allows users to replace the cost and hassle of a physical token and typing in codes with the simplicity of acknowledging a prompt on their secured mobile device for two-factor authentication.

  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity

    Enables users to Single Sign-on (SSO) into a variety of third-party cloud services such as Office365, Box, Dropbox, Workday and Salesforce. Even more compelling is Mobile Zero Sign-on (MZSO), where simply unlocking the phone grants transparent access to services without requiring a password.

  • BlackBerry® SDK

    Allows application developers to easily integrate any BlackBerry service (i.e., BlackBerry UEM, BlackBerry Workspaces and BlackBerry Dynamics) into their applications via a Platform-as-a-Service mode.


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