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Servoy Smart Client

The Servoy Smart Client is a small (2MB), 100% Java application that provides the user with a rich environment to interact with the data. Servoy Smart Client is capable of displaying all the interface widgets common to desktop applications (buttons, tabpanels, menus, dialog boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, combobox, etc.) and will run on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. It also allows your users to print, import/export data (to and from text and Microsoft Excel files), create PDF files, send and receive email, view graphs and charts, and more.

The Servoy Smart Client uses Java WebStart technology for a zero-deployment model -- there is no need to install Smart Client on each workstation or rollout new versions manually. Servoy Smart Client maintains a two-way stateful connection with the application server -- providing the end-user with a very rich interactive client experience. Servoy Smart Client also contains the technology to move the script processing from your server and push it to the client. As a result, your server has a lower load and will scale better; and your end-user has a better experience with your solution.

The licensing for the Servoy Smart Client is on a concurrent user basis - NOT per seat. This means that you can deploy to an entire enterprise with thousands of seats, and if only 500 users will be using it at a time - you only need to purchase 500 licenses. Plus, as each user exits the Servoy Smart Client - that license then becomes available again for a new user.

The Servoy Smart Client is only one of the ways you can deploy networked multi-tier applications built with Servoy Developer; you can also use Servoy Headless Client (SHC), and coming soon, Servoy Web Client.


       Smart Client
       Headless Client
       Web Client