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Servoy Headless Client

You can use the Servoy Headless Client to easily create and deploy browser-based solutions that will run on desktops, laptops, PDA's, mobile phones and cable set-top boxes.

The Servoy Headless Client allows you to execute your solution's data and business logic (scripts) via JSP pages, Servlets and Java Applications. You can deploy a Servoy Headless Client solution from the same Servoy Application Server and simultaneously with Servoy Smart Clients. As with the Servoy Smart Client - a single concurrent user license is required for each concurrent JSP session.

Creating the JSP (Java Server Pages) is much easier than using "traditional" Java - because you can use the scripts that are already in your solution. In traditional JSP, you would have to make a database connection; create a SQL query; and then get the recordset back and loop through it - formatting it with HTML. With the Servoy Headless Client - you can simply call a single method.

In traditional JSP, debugging can be very challenging. The default debugging mode is done by the web server - and is usually very cryptic and difficult to understand. In contrast, because you can call methods that are in your solution - you can use Servoy Developer's built-in debugger to step through your code one line at a time and make changes very easily.

Another huge benefit of using Servoy Headless Client is that you only have to maintain (and create) your business logic in a single place - your Servoy solution. You can re-use your debugged business logic rather than having to re-create (and maintain) it in the JSP pages independently.

When a web-based user updates information on a Headless Client-based JSP page - that change is automatically (and intelligently) broadcast to all the LAN/WAN users just as if that web-based user were on the local network.

Best of all - there is no additional charge for this functionality. It is included with the Servoy Application Server license (FREE with the purchase of 1 or more Servoy Smart Client license).


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