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Revere Data

Revere provides the public sector community with a suite of commercial, off-the-shelf data feed, software, and index products and services to help federal decision-making personnel make better strategic and tactical decisions, as well as lower financial and operational risk.

Through its data, software, and research products and services, Revere uncovers the linkages among companies, products, sectors, geographies, events and people and makes these underlying interconnections accessible to both human and machine learning systems. By integrating Revere in both analyst processes and backend data infrastructure, the federal professionals gain new insight into the large amounts of information that exist in the public domain through Revere's proprietary methodology and analysis tools.

Uncovering actionable information starts with the ability to organize and reuse existing enterprise information and data. In conjunction with the increasing volume and accessibility of new information each day, it is difficult to separate the noise from the meaningful message. Revere provides the knowledge management framework necessary to help agencies search for and discover insights within the existing and new information.

Many of the Revere tools that leading global financial services firms rely on have been adapted for the public sector. Our applications combine different data sources to link dissimilar markets and information sets to create patterns of data and allow analysts to detect anomalies and understand the intent, materiality, and impact of these anomalies. Armed with this information, analysts can make better operational, planning, or strategic decisions.

How Revere Works

Revere begins its analysis with the basic building block on which all companies are built: products and services. By going deeper and more precisely into a company's goods and services, analysts using Revere are better able to identify the focused areas of business and to uncover key competitive and supply chain linkages not visible in other information systems.

In examining a company's ecosystem and its business relationships, Revere provides a framework that integrates data from disparate sources to ensure there are fewer gaps in the understanding of what a company does and with whom it does its business. By supplying key organizational components to the information market, Revere serves as a bridge between information and federal communities. Revere's products and services are designed to meet the needs of various branches of the federal government through:

  • Better organizing and re-using enterprise content
  • Enhancing search and discovery
  • Generating indicators & signals through relevant factors
  • Filtering out irrelevant noise
  • Monitoring and managing operational, financial, & strategic risk
  • Researching and linking disparate markets

Revere Solutions for the Government Include:

  • Revere Research
  • Revere GeoRev
  • Revere Hierarchy
  • Revere Relationships
  • Revere Healthcare
  • Revere International Sector Classification (RISC)
  • Revere Tradenames

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