• Breaking Down Silos in Federal Government Networks

    In this WTOP radio spot,Matt Schneider, Senior Director for U.S. Public Sector at VMware, discusses how concept breaks down silos in federal government networks.

    • VMware, Enterprise Security
  • VMware vRealize Suite for Government

    Read this solution brief to learn how vRealize Suite can provide government agencies with faster application development, more reliability and scalability for their employees, and uninterrupted service for their citizens.

    • Cloud computing, VMware
  • Datacenter Security in the Cloud Era Tech Brief

    This brief outlines the security threats facing federal agencies and how agencies can partner with VMware to provide a strong backbone of protection for their datacenters.

    • VMware, Cybersecurity
  • Networks and the Future of Mobility

    This GCN article, Bill Rowan, Vice President of Federal Sales at VMware, discusses how more flexible networks hold the key to increased security and employee productivity.

    • VMware, Mobility
  • App Security: First Line of Defense

    This FCW article, Matthew Schneider, Senior Director of Government, Education and Healthcare at VMware, discusses how a renewed security mindset and robust app security can ensure protection for agencies.

    • VMware, Cybersecurity
  • Building a Cohesive Cyber Strategy

    In this WTOP radio spot, Bill Rowan, the Vice President of Federal Sales for VMware, says agencies can take a few steps to build a more cohesive and more thorough cyber strategy.

    • Cloud computing, VMware, Cyber Resilience
  • Conquering Cloud Complexity: “Take a Pause”

    In this WTOP radio spot, Bill Rowan, the Vice President of Federal Sales for VMware, explains the additional complexity and benefits agencies are seeing in the next phase of cloud adoption.

    • Cloud computing, VMware, Cyber Resilience
  • Innovating in a Mobile Environment

    In this WTOP radio spot, Bill Rowan, Vice President of Federal at VMware, highlights the mobile transformation with a discussion around how mobile in government changes quickly.

    • VMware, Mobility
  • Five Steps to Protecting Your IT Infrastructure

    This whitepaper outlines the five steps federal agencies can make to take full advantage of technology advances and protect their IT infrastructure.

    • VMware
  • How to Make "as a Service" a Reality

    In this GCN article, Bill Rowan, Vice President of Federal at VMware, discusses how the flexibility of the hybrid cloud eases an agency's transition to an IT "as-a-service" business model.

    • Cloud computing, VMware
  • The Next Level of Security

    In this GCN article, Matthew Schneider, Senior Director - US Public Sector at VMware, explains how software-defined networking can improve an agency's security and functionality.

    • VMware, Enterprise Security
  • Why VMware for State and Local Government?

    View this vertical solution overview to learn why VMware solutions are the trusted software for state and local agencies.

    • Cloud computing, VMware
  • Government IT for the Mobile-Cloud Era

    This infographic highlights how a digital workspace can offer an innovative approach to working online and offline, across agencies and locations for government employees.

    • Cloud computing, VMware, Mobility
  • From Servers to Customer Service Levels

    In this GCN article, Tim Merrigan, Vice President of State, Local and Education at VMware, discusses how modernization requires a renewed focus on IT's central role in agencies' missions.

    • Cloud computing, VMware
  • Zero Trust The Security Network Infrastructure of Tomorrow

    This report will examine findings from a GovLoop and VMware survey of 80 state and local government employees, discuss micro-segmentation, and highlight findings about Zero Trust from Forrester Research.

    • VMware, Citizen Engagement