• How the right cyber intelligence can give agencies the upper hand

    This month’s Innovation in Government Report on Federal News Radio features, Tony Cole, vice president and global government chief technology officer for FireEye, talking to Jason Miller, Executive Editor at Federal News Radio, about how threat intelligence will help agencies mitigate risks by answering some basic questions about who the attackers are and what they are trying to do.

    • FireEye, Cybersecurity
  • Department of Defense - First Bug Bounty Case Study

    This case study takes a deep dive into how Akamai helped the Department of Defense ensures its first Bug Bounty Program was a success.

    • Cybersecurity , Akamai
  • Security from the Inside Out Brief

    This security brief details how government agencies can protect their website and applications from data theft and disruption by implementing secure remote access for users.

    • Cybersecurity , Akamai
  • Skyhigh for Shadow IT Datasheet

    This datasheet outlines how Skyhigh Networks can provides continuous visibility into all cloud services in use and their risk, compliance and governance policy enforcement and threat protection.

    • Cybersecurity , Skyhigh Networks
  • The New Frontier of Shadow IT

    This FCW article, Kevin Jones, Vice President of Public Sector at Skyhigh Networks, explains why agencies need greater visibility and control over employees' activities in the cloud.

    • Cybersecurity , Skyhigh Networks
  • Qualys Corporate Brochure

    This brochure outlines the revolutionary architecture that powers Qualys’ IT security and compliance cloud apps.

    • Cybersecurity , Qualys
  • The Key to Cyber Survival

    This FCW article, Mike Poulos, Technical Director of U.S. Federal at Qualys, outlines how continuous monitoring can help agencies navigate an increasingly complex threat landscape.

    • Cybersecurity , Qualys
  • Identity and the Future of Security

    This FCW article, Chris Niggel, Director of Security and Compliance at Okta, explains how better insight into user behavior leads to more secure systems and more productive employees.

    • Okta, Cybersecurity
  • Get the Most Value for Your Cyberbuck

    This FCW article, Brent Hansen, Senior Director of Solution Architects at Thales E-Security, explains how making the right purchasing decisions can help agencies grapple with cybersecurity challenges.

    • Thales E-Security, Cybersecurity
  • Datacenter Security in the Cloud Era Tech Brief

    This brief outlines the security threats facing federal agencies and how agencies can partner with VMware to provide a strong backbone of protection for their datacenters.

    • VMware, Cybersecurity
  • App Security: First Line of Defense

    This FCW article, Matthew Schneider, Senior Director of Government, Education and Healthcare at VMware, discusses how a renewed security mindset and robust app security can ensure protection for agencies.

    • VMware, Cybersecurity
  • Fight Back More Effectively

    This FCW article, Tom Ruff, Vice President of Public Sector at Akamai, explains why the best defense against cyber threats is a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy.

    • Cybersecurity , Akamai
  • Executive Viewpoint: Security for the Modern World

    This FCW article interviews Neil Carmichael, director of the Insider Threat Program, Office of the Chief Operating Office at NARA on the multipronged approach agencies are taking to implement comprehensive cybersecurity policies and technologies.

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  • The Necessity of Cyber Innovation

    In this FCW article, learn what ideas and advice the private industry is offering to federal agencies on improving their cyber defenses.

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  • FCW Report: Reinvisioning Cybersecurity

    Download the full FCW Report: Reinvisioning Cybersecurity to learn how agencies can tackle the growing complexity of the government IT environment and take a more cohesive approach to securing systems, networks and data.

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