Data Analytics, Pentaho

This datasheet spotlights how Pentaho's Data Science Pack helped CAT Marine Asset Intelligence improve its data governance and predictive analytics.

Data Analytics, Cloudera

In this GCN article, William Sullivan, Vice President for Public Sector at Cloudera, discusses how open source technology provides a strong, cost-effective foundation for data analysis.

Data Analytics, MongoDB

In this GCN article, Kelly Stirman, Vice President of Strategy at MongoDB, explains how open source technology delivers cost and speed benefits for modern apps.

Data Analytics, Diffeo

In this GCN article, John Frank, CEO of Diffeo, explains how a new application applies existing test analytics to take a predictive approach.

Data Analytics, Geofeedia

This resource explains how the Geofeedia command center is designed to be a collaborative space where organizations can come together across functions to work on addressing and mitigating risks.

Data Analytics, Diffeo

This Diffeo resource explains how interactive machine learning helps intelligence analysts rapidly traverse and develop knowledge graphs.

Data Analytics, SAP HANA

This whitepaper explains how the SAP HANA platform lets agencies perform all transaction and analytic processing in-memory and makes data immediately available from a single system.

Splunk, Data Analytics

This whitepaper explores the challenges facing the public sector and how big data can help solve some of these problems.

Data Analytics, MarkLogic

This whitepaper is an in-depth discussion with Romi Doshi, Senior Solutions Manager at Marklogic, on how agencies can use analytics to impact their mission.

Data Analytics, Pentaho

This case study highlights how Pentaho helped a healthcare agency overcome its data management issues and produce meaningful information from its data sources.