Data Analytics, SAP HANA

In this WTOP radio spot, Laura Grant, Head of Digital Innovation for Public Sector at SAP, explains the difference between owning technology and using it correctly when it comes to predictive data analytics.

All, Data Analytics

Agencies are exploring new ways to leverage the power of data to improve their operations and achieve their missions.

All, Data Analytics

In this GCN article, journalist Francis Rose interviews Kris Rowley, Chief Data Officer at GSA, about his views on making data a part of the conversation.

Data Analytics, SAP HANA

In this WTOP radio spot, Laura Grant, Head of Digital Innovation for Public Sector at SAP, explains why federal agencies should want universal access to their own data.

Data Analytics, piXlogic

View this whitepaper to learn more about why the ability to cross-correlate the information, whether it’s being obtained from live sources or from archived repositories, is more important than ever.

All, Data Analytics

This GCN article outlines how each implementation reveals new possibilities for leveraging the power of data.

Data Analytics, SAP HANA

In this GCN article, Laura Grant, Head of Digital Innovation for Public Sector at SAP, explains how in-memory computing will offer agencies an efficient way to create value from data.

Data Analytics, MarkLogic

In this GCN article, Idriss Mekrez, Public Sector CTO for MarkLogic, explains why it's time for government agencies to consider Enterprise NoSQL.

Data Analytics, Cloudera

This whitepaper outlines how the ability to access, process, and derive actionable information from data helps drive the business of government.

Data Analytics, piXlogic

In this GCN article, Joseph Santucci at piXlogic Inc, outlines how identifying and analyzing visual images is critical for security applications.

Data Analytics, MongoDB

This whitepaper explores how organizations are harnessing the power of Hadoop and MongoDB together to create complete big data applications.

Data Analytics, Pentaho

In this GCN article, Quentin Gallivan, CEO at Pentaho, discusses why harnessing big data across the enterprise requires a centralized approach.

Splunk, Data Analytics

In this GCN article, Kevin Davis, Vice President for Public Sector at Splunk, discusses why machine data is the most valuable segment of big data analytics.

Data Analytics, Trifacta

In this GCN article, Adam Wilson, CEO at Trifacta explains how employing data wrangling techniques can help expedite advanced data analytics.

Data Analytics, Geofeedia

In this GCN article, Phil Harris, CEO at Geofeedia discusses how location data attached to social media posts can provide valuable intelligence.