• IT Modernization Challenges - Improving Federal Human Resources

    In this WTOP radio spot, David Vernon, the Senior Human Capital Management Application Specialist as SAP, discusses how improving federal human resources needs both long and short term goals.

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  • IT Modernization Challenges - Transition to New Technology

    In this WTOP radio spot, Laura Grant, the Head of Digital Innovation for the Public Sector at SAP, discusses how the transition to new technology is taking hold across the government.

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  • IT Modernization Challenges - Meeting the Do More With Less

    In this WTOP radio spot, Laura Grant, the Head of Digital Innovation for the Public Sector at SAP, discusses how "Meeting the Do More With Less" mandate is possible with maturing technology

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  • Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs Datasheet

    This datasheet outlines Google Cloud platform's machine learning services and how they can help bring scale and speed to your business applications.

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  • Real-Time Big Data Analytics Whitepaper

    This whitepaper tells the story of making decisions in 2007 without the insight of real-time big data and how this new technology changed business decision making going forward.

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  • GCN Report: Pushing the Bounds of Data Analytics

    Download the full GCN Report: Pushing the Bounds of Data Analytics to learn about how recent advances in analytics technology and tactics has fueled a surge in data initiatives.

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  • Executive Viewpoint: Data Drives DOT Mission

    Read this GCN article to learn how the DOT is tackling the significant challenge of harnessing massive volumes of disparate data to make better decisions.

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  • Advanced Analytics Get Real

    Read this GCN article to learn how government agencies are turning to data analytics to solve a growing range of problems. ​

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  • Cloud Fuels Data Innovation

    In this GCN article, Aileen Black, Executive Director & Industry Lead & Group Leader of U.S. Government at Google Cloud, explains how realizing the potential of data and leveraging the power of the cloud can fuel innovation within agencies.

    • Data Analytics, Google Cloud
  • Modernize the Database

    In this GCN article, Mat Keep, Director of Product & Market Analysis at MongoDB, discusses how back-end technology is becoming more flexible to keep pace with ever-expanding data and the need to unlock new insights in real time.

    • Data Analytics, MongoDB
  • Better Analytics for Better Outcomes

    In this GCN article, Chuck Yarbrough, Vice Presdient of Solutions Management & Marketing for Pentaho Data Integration & Analytics at Hitachi, explains how the latest technologies can help agencies streamlines their activities and deliver greater value.

    • Data Analytics, Pentaho
  • Make Sense of the Data Deluge

    In this GCN article, Cameron Chehreh, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer & VP at Dell EMC Federal, explains how modernizing infrastructure reveals a whole new level of value from gathered data.

    • Dell EMC, Data Analytics
  • The Value is in the Details

    In this GCN article, Laura Grant, Head of Digital Innovation Public Sector at SAP, outlines when agencies layer and share data at a granular level, they can then uncover true insights.

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  • Information Governance in the Data Age

    In this GCN article, David Gould, WW Director ​of Secure Content Management Solutions at Micro Focus Government Solutions, explains that the true value of data becomes more evident when it is governed by comprehensive policies.

    • Data Analytics, Micro Focus Government Solutions
  • Efficient Government Whitepaper

    This whitepaper focuses on how state and local government are navigating the fourth industrial revolution - this revolution is "characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres" and is bringing about changes that "herald the transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance."

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