• Automation is Key to Success

    In this GCN article, Adam Clater, Chief Cloud Architect - North America Public Sector at Red Hat, discusses how automation will transform data center consolidation and improve cloud-based services.

    • Red Hat, Enterprise Security
  • The Next Level of Security

    In this GCN article, Matthew Schneider, Senior Director - US Public Sector at VMware, explains how software-defined networking can improve an agency's security and functionality.

    • VMware, Enterprise Security
  • The Zero-Trust Model and Multi-Factor Authentication

    In this WTOP radio spot, Randy Wood, Vice President, Federal, F5 Networks, answers the question on "Who do you trust?" for federal IT leaders and their agencies.

    • Cyber Resilience, F5 Networks, Enterprise Security
  • How Are You Protecting Your Data?

    In this GCN article, Monica McEwen, Public Sector Director at Qlik, explains why protecting your data through data governance is just as important as other cybersecurity measures.

    • Qlik, Enterprise Security
  • Application Security Priority

    In this GCN article, Randy Wood, Vice President - Federal at F5 Networks, discusses why it's important for agencies to apply security at the application layer.

    • F5 Networks, Enterprise Security
  • Cybersecurity: Focus on the Fundamentals

    In this WTOP radio spot, Randy Wood, Vice President, Federal, F5 Networks, discusses why focusing on the fundamentals is essential for agencies wanting to improve their security posture.

    • Cyber Resilience, F5 Networks, Enterprise Security
  • CDM is a Start But Agencies Need to Be More Proactive

    In this WTOP radio spot, Kevin Davis, Vice President of Public Sector at Splunk discusses how CDM is just the beginning for securing Federal agencies.

    • Big Data, Splunk, Enterprise Security
  • Red Hat CEPH Storage

    This datasheet highlights how Red Hat Ceph Storage can significantly lower the cost of storing enterprise data in the cloud.

    • Red Hat, Enterprise Security
  • HyTrust Enteprise-Class Logging

    This solution brief highlights the importance of comprehensive logging and how HyTrust can help agencies meet their compliance and security needs.

    • HyTrust, Enterprise Security
  • F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall Overview

    This product overview outlines the key benefits of F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall, a cloud-based service built on BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM).

    • F5 Networks, Enterprise Security
  • HyTrust Software Defined Data Center - White Paper

    This white paper identifies the three industry best practices to securing your agency's virtualized data center.

    • HyTrust, Enterprise Security
  • Red Hat CloudForms

    This datasheet outlines how Red Hat CloudForms can provide agencies with unified management for hybrid environments, a consistent user experience and functionality across infrastructures.

    • Cloud computing, Red Hat, Enterprise Security
  • Red Hat OpenStack Datasheet

    This datasheet explores the features and benefits of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

    • Red Hat, Enterprise Security
  • Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise 3.1

    This datasheet focuses on how OpenShift Enterprise provides developers with an optimal platform for provisioning, building, and deploying applications in a self-service fashion.

    • Red Hat, Enterprise Security
  • Breaking Down Silos in Federal Government Networks

    In this WTOP radio spot,Matt Schneider, Senior Director for U.S. Public Sector at VMware, discusses how concept breaks down silos in federal government networks.

    • VMware, Enterprise Security