• Taking a Zero Trust Architecture Approach to Security

    In this WTOP radio spot, Ryan Gillis, Vice President of Cybersecurity Strategy and Global Policy at Palo Alto Networks, discusses what new strategies network defenders are using in the public sector.

    • Cyber Resilience, Palo Alto Networks
  • Security Controls That Evolve With Technology

    In this WTOP radio spot, Ryan Gillis, Vice President of Cybersecurity Strategy and Global Policy at Palo Alto Networks, explains why next generation security won't be predictable.

    • Cyber Resilience, Palo Alto Networks
  • Zero Trust Approach to Network Security Whitepaper

    This whitepaper discusses the need for a Zero Trust approach to network security and explains how the Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform delivers on these requirements.

    • Cyber Resilience, Palo Alto Networks
  • Next-Generation Security Platform Solution Brief

    This solution brief outlines how Palo Alto Networks next generation security solution will help cable operators position their network for prevention versus detection and provide end-to-end threat lifecycle mitigation.

    • Cyber Resilience, Palo Alto Networks
  • Addressing the Threat Within

    This whitepaper focuses on the fundamental shift in thinking within the industry on how cybersecurity should be deployed, managed and addressed going forward.

    • Cyber Resilience, Gigamon
  • A Security Delivery Platform Benefits the Entire Organization

    This presentation explains how organizations can fully utilize a comprehensive well-integrated security platform that takes into account present and future cybersecurity trends.

    • Cyber Resilience, Gigamon
  • How to Go from Mission Impossible to Mission Success

    In this GCN article, Jacklyn Wynn, Vice President of Strategy and Market Development at RSA, explains why government agencies need to ensure cyber policies and goals are integrated in day-to-day mission execution.

    • Cyber Resilience, RSA
  • GCN Report: The Era of Cyber Resilience

    The evolving cyber threat landscape requires agencies to develop a more adaptive, comprehensive approach to securing the enterprise.

    • Cyber Resilience, All
  • Dispelling Encryption Myths: Breaking Apps

    In this WTOP radio spot, Rob Roy, Public Sector CTO for HP Enterprise Security, explains why the notion that encryption breaks applications is just a myth.

    • Cyber Resilience, HPE
  • Thinking Differently About Cyber Resilience

    In this WTOP radio spot, Tony Cole, Vice President and Global Government CTO at FireEye, discusses how true cyber resilience will transform how we do business.

    • Cyber Resilience, FireEye
  • One United Defense Against Cyber Attacks

    This datasheet outlines how FireEye can help agencies create efficient security operations to protect valuable assets and proactively plan against attacks.

    • Cyber Resilience, FireEye
  • Advanced Threat Protection with F5 and FireEye

    In this solution overview, discover how F5 and FireEye deliver scalable advanced threat protection to identify and stop malicious activity targeting enterprise applications.

    • Cyber Resilience, F5 Networks, FireEye
  • FireEye as a Service

    In this YouTube video, learn how FireEye can help security teams monitor your agency's networks for threats around the clock.

    • Cyber Resilience, FireEye
  • Is Your Agency Ready for Next Generation SIEM?

    In this GCN article, Tammy Torbert, World Wide Solutions Architect of Federal at HPE, explains why agencies should utilize SIEM tools due to their advanced monitoring and analysis capabilities.

    • Cyber Resilience, HPE
  • You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

    In this WTOP radio spot, Dennis Reilly, Vice President of Federal at Gigamon, explains why agencies need greater visibility of where their data is and where it's going.

    • Cyber Resilience, Gigamon