Building a Cohesive Cyber Strategy

Today’s innovation in government report highlights the benefits of automation. Bill Rowan, the Vice
President of Federal Sales for VMware, says agencies can take a few steps to build a more cohesive and more thorough cyber strategy.

Greater automation will lead to better cybersecurity--better hygiene--in the long run. So, it’s not just about uptime; it’s not just about load balancing; it’s also about how do we build a more thorough and more cohesive security strategy across the board. We think automation can add a tremendous amount to it. If you look at today, when there is a particular attack, how can we automate the process by isolating that attack, ensuring it’s not affecting other systems and remediate and get us back to a solid state as quickly as possible? We will not be able to do that with just a lot of people, we have to add automation to that process.

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