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HP IT Performance Suite (ITPS)

HP ITPS software helps your agency bridge the gap between IT and the lines of business to keep your initiatives fully aligned with agency goals and priorities.

HP ITPS software optimizes application quality and performance to help reduce the time, cost and risk of agency application delivery. It allows you to manage the entire quality process and to automate performance and functional testing.

The benefits of HP ITPS software include:
  • IT staff productivity
    • Automating tasks associated with managing the existing infrastructure
    • Allowing IT to understand the health of every area of the network, server and application environments
  • Automating the IT Information Library (ITIL)
    • IT response teams have all the right information about how best to get these key services back to normal
  • Implementing and managing ITIL V3
    • HP ITPS lifecycle approach with significant modifications
    • Designed to speed and simplify service management processes

Your agency can capture business requirements and then trace them throughout the entire quality process, which helps to make sure that all critical agency elements were tested properly. Once you know that the application is delivering the functionality that the agency wants and that the functionality has been properly tested, you can then make sure that the application will perform as expected under load.

HP ITPS software helps enhance the production performance of an application. It automates the workflows of IT operations teams, allowing them to stay focused on applications and services, not just on infrastructure.


Application quality includes not only functionality and performance, but also web application security.

Application security must be incorporated into your existing quality management practices within the software development lifecycle to address the security vulnerabilities that exist in web applications.

With these solutions, your agency can:
  • Manage web application security testing with HP Assessment Management Platform software


HP Operations Center offers a comprehensive, modular, service-oriented approach to IT operations management. It helps improve the availability and performance of physical and virtual servers, applications and application components. At the same time, it helps achieve greater operational efficiency by enabling the correlation of management information from multiple domain managers.

With these solutions, your agency can:
  • Reduce IT operations cost by increasing IT staff efficiency
  • Enable IT tool consolidation initiatives by centralizing event, performance and remediation tools and processes
  • Correlate, identify and correct root cause of infrastructure faults and performance degradations
  • Monitor and visualize the health of heterogeneous IT environments, including applications


IT executives often struggle to gain real-time visibility into what they are spending money on and determining which IT investments will add the most value. Identifying and prioritizing which work to fund is essential for on-time delivery.

With these solutions, your agency can:
  • Gain visibility into complete IT supply and demand
  • Identify and prioritize projects that demonstrate value to the agency
  • Achieve financial transparency across the IT investment lifecycle
  • Implement best practices to support regulatory compliance and industry standards

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