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About GroundWork Monitor Enterprise

GroundWork Monitor provides deep system, network and application monitoring for medium and large-enterprises. By deploying a flexible, customizable system and network monitoring solution, IT and Operations teams can reduce outages, increase service levels and move from reactive to proactive infrastructure maintenance.

GroundWork Monitor provides visibility into all aspects of the IT environment including networks, servers, operating systems, applications and databases. By utilizing the thousands of Nagios® plugins available online, GroundWork can monitor virtually any device, system or software component. GroundWork also supports standardized monitoring techniques such as SNMP, syslog and WMI.

Secure and Manageable
The GroundWork Monitor stack provides a complete monitoring platform, with the fine-grained user and role-based access control required for organization-wide deployments. Uniform application configuration and administration features ensure administrators can adapt quickly to changing business needs, and users gain controlled access to the views, reports and dashboards they need.

Open Platform
GroundWork Monitor is an open portal-based application that encourages tight, two-way integration with other systems such as ticketing, help-desk, CMDBs and third-party consoles. By 'playing nicely with others' GroundWork Monitor offers a cost-effective way to upgrade your core monitoring and performance management capabilities with minimal disruption to existing procedures and processes.

By tapping into the extensions and resources provided on the MonitoringForge and GroundWork Exchange, users can get value from their monitoring investment quickly and avoid the long-term costs associated with maintaining one-off customizations to their deployment.

GroundWork amalgamates and supports established, mature projects including:

Nagios® - for event handling and notification
SNMP and SNMP-TT - for network management protocol
RRDtool - for underlying data collection and management
BIRT - for ad-hoc reporting
Ganglia - for grid and cluster monitoring
Cacti - for graphing and trending

Why choose GroundWork Monitor Enterprise?

Cut through the noise
GroundWork Monitor includes an integrated event engine that applies de-duplication and service dependency mapping to all incoming events. This dramatically reduces false alarms without requiring administrators to maintain complex and arcane rule-sets.

Visualize your whole environment
Powerful visualization tools such as our Seurat View allow you to see the whole environment in a single screen. This enables Operations teams to spot emergent patterns and trends before they affect service levels.

See events as they happen
The included event console provides flexible views based on geographical, technical or business structures, and provides application and service centric event views to users and administrators across the organization.

Automatically achieve complete monitoring coverage
Using server or the optional network topology discovery ensures consistent monitoring is implemented across the entire environment including physical and virtual hardware, operating systems, applications and network devices.

Migrate over time
Enterprise Edition can work alongside your existing monitoring tools to ease migration to the GroundWork platform. Alternatively, Enterprise Edition can provide dashboards and reports that integrate data aggregated from other monitoring tools into a single coherent view.


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