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HPE Application Management or Quality Center on SaaS

The Dedicated HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) or HPE Quality Center (QC) offering is an on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Based on the HPE ALM platform, the solution is run from HPE data center facilities with 24x7 remote support. This offering is sold only by certified HPE SaaS Partners.

Using HPE ArcSight to Effectively Identify and Neutralize Threats

As technology continues to transform the public sector, organizations face a complex and rapidly evolving landscape of security management needs defined by the changing nature and motivation of attacks, the transformation of enterprise IT as delivery and consumption models change, and constantly evolving regulatory pressures. With HPE ArcSight, your agency can easily meet best-in-class security to help secure your enterprise.

Get More Value from Enterprise Information with HPE ControlPoint

HPE ControlPoint helps your agency take control of the increasingly massive amounts of big data that accumulates and goes unmanaged. With HPE ControlPoint’s file analysis, you can take control of Big Data to get more value from your enterprise information by improving performance and reducing costs.

Getting Grounded with DevOps

DevOps is not a new phenomenon, so why is it attracting so much attention now? The answer is in how the market is changing. Forrester reports they are seeing organizations go from four application releases per year in 2010 to 120 releases per year by 2020.1 This is a 30X increase. As organizations adapt to this pace of business, many struggle with the learning curve of truly understanding what DevOps is all about.

As you read this guide, you'll learn the truth about DevOps and discover the benefits DevOps offers your organization. This introductory guide also explains how the DevOps movement supports the demands for today's IT-characterized by new types of applications, new approaches to IT operations, new demands and uses for insight, and new threats and risks. This quickly evolving business environment also brings with it new customers, buying behaviors, and IT consumption models.

HPE Fortify Application Security Center

Combining the most comprehensive static and dynamic testing technology with security research, HPE Fortify Software Security Center is an application security testing solution. The tool identifies and prioritizes security vulnerabilities in software so that issues are fixed and removed quickly before they can be exploited for cybercrime.

What’s New in Version 12 of HPE LoadRunner and HPE Performance Center Software

HPE LoadRunner and HPE Performance Center software are market-leading performance engineering and load testing products that significantly enhance your ability to build, test, and deliver applications with breakthrough speed and quality at any level of scale. Version 12 adds support for a wide range of technologies and methodologies, along with hundreds of enhancements, all focused on cloud testing, mobile testing, and continuous testing.

The Agile Operations Bridge for Better Service Delivery in the New Style of IT

Cloud, mobile, big data, and security all promise to bring agility and improved service delivery to users, but these same trends are already turning into challenges. With HPE Operations Bridge, you can realize the full potential of IT with better monitoring.

HPE Storage Operations Manager Software

With HPE Storage Operations Manager (SOM), a storage resource management (SRM) solution, you can discover heterogeneous physical and virtual storage investments, centralize usage policies and reporting, view historical data trends, and forecast future requirements.

HPE ArcSight for User Behavior Analytics

Powered by Secuonix, HPE ArcSight gives enterprises visibility into their users, making it much easier to identify user-based threats through anomaly-based behavior patterns. User Behavior analytics helps organizations mitigate threats and find the bad guys with advanced threat detection offering reduced breach impact.

Manage Your Application Security Testing with HPE WebInspect

HPE WebInspect enables organizations to solve vulnerability and security problems quickly, efficiently, and intelligently. HPE WebInspect helps meet increasing demand for global application coverage and gives you dynamic application-security testing that enables timely delivery across the enterprise, no matter the size.

HPE IDOL: Advanced Analytics for Text, Video, Image, and Audio

HPE IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) is a unified data analytics platform supporting 1000 data formats encompassing text, video, image, and audio. It enables out-of-the-box access to 150 data repositories behind and beyond your firewall and indexes data without relocation and disruption. Built on proven world-class technology and innovations, such as machine learning and deep natural networks, IDOL unlocks hidden insights and reveals trend, patterns, and relationships while gaining in-depth understanding of user profiles and actions to personalize knowledge delivery.

HPE Vertica for SQL on Hadoop

HPE Vertica SQL on Hadoop offers the fastest and most enterprise-ready way to perform SQL queries on your Hadoop data. HPE Vertica SQL on Hadoop handles your mission-critical analytics projects by merging the best of our analytics platform with the best that Hadoop data analytics can offer. We’ve leveraged our years of experience in the Big Data analytics marketplace and opened up our platform to use the full power of the Hadoop cluster. Users can perform analytics regardless of the format of data or Hadoop distribution used.

Drive Down Costs with the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform

Data warehouses are extremely large, exorbitantly expensive legacy software architectures tied to larger, costly hardware architectures built to accommodate large volumes of data. The performance of traditional data warehouse architectures is rapidly degrading under pressure from the Volume, Velocity, and Variety of Big Data. The only way to keep up is to throw more money (a lot more money) at the warehouse operations—but even that, at some point, can run out of runway. Increasingly, organizations are supplementing or replacing their enterprise data warehouse solutions with the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform for these reasons.