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SAP HANA and Hadoop Redefine Travel Through Threat Awareness with Prescient Traveler

Prescient is an enterprise risk management and technology firm with an extensive track record in the national security sector. The firm manages four platforms providing solutions to public and private sector clients including global traveler safety, regulatory compliance, intelligence, and research and development. The firm's federal platform, Prescient Operations, currently runs counterintelligence and security programs for select federal government clients, including a force protection program that safeguards uniformed and civilian government employees who operate in more than 40 disparate locations worldwide. Over the last several years, Prescient explored the possibility of "productizing" its government travel safety processes and technology for use in the private sector. The existing providers in travel safety are essentially reactive, offering users fairly static and generic travel advisories that are not geared to the specific traveler's profile. Prescient saw an opportunity to develop a much more robust and user-friendly service.